Do I need a licence to operate a boat?

No. According to the Greek law, no speedboat operator licence is required for this type of boats.

Do I get operating instructions before departure?

Yes. We give you a short presentation on how to operate the boat, as well as the lifesaving equipment, to ensure maximum possible comfort and safety for everyone onboard.

Can I travel to other islands?

Yes. You have the option to visit other islands, provided that your distance from any coast does not exceed six nautical miles. Keeping a safety distance of 6 nautical miles does not necessarily mean that your starting point should only be 6 nm away from your destination; as you move away from your starting point, you actually approach your destination, so the distance between the two points can reach up to 12 nautical miles (6 + 6). However, if your destination is more than 12 nm away from any coast of the island, you should ensure that the safety distance of 6 nm is maintained by choosing a route at sea which includes several intermediate spots of land.

Are fuel costs included in the rate?

No. Upon returning the boat, we calculate the actual fuel consumption and you pay the corresponding amount and nothing more.

What should I pay attention to?

You are entitled to rent a boat only if you are over 18 years old.
The maximum number of passengers is 6; boarding of more people during the trip is prohibited. Alcohol consumption should be avoided before and during the trip.
Always enter a bay at a steady and low speed with great care for any swimmers or divers and other boats; a safety distance (around 320 feet) should always be kept from sites where people may swim, dive or snorkel. When approaching another vessel, always turn right to avoid it.
For your safety, the boat should travel only during daytime and should definitely be returned before sunset.

How far ahead can I make a reservation for a boat?

The earlier you book, the more easily you ensure that a boat is available for you on the date and at the time that would be most convenient for you.

Can I book a boat for more than one day?

Yes. All you need to do is contact us directly by telephone or via email.

How far ahead can I cancel my reservation?

You may cancel your reservation at any time as long as you have not already paid the corresponding rental fee. Calypso Boat Rental reserves the right to rent the boat out to another customer, in case you fail to confirm your booking by making a bank wire transfer of the rental fee within 48 hours prior to the date and time you wish to rent the boat.
In case you have already booked the boat and paid the rental fee, you may cancel your reservation and have your money returned only up to 24 hours prior to date and time of rental as referred to in your booking. Unfortunately, the rental fee cannot be refunded, if you need to cancel your reservation in less than 24 hours prior to date and time of rental.